Casey Affleck and Bart Simpson have the funniest Internet quotes for March 24, 2000

By EW Staff
March 24, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

”That’s a generous way to put it. Maybe she was staying in character. Maybe that’s just her character. Nobody knows. She was always throwing grips around by their necks and beating people, chasing people with pots and pans. I thought maybe that’s how she treated her assistants. I didn’t know if it was a Mona Dearly thing or if her album didn’t do too well and she was pissed off.”
Drowning Mona‘s Casey Affleck on whether costar Bette Midler stayed in character to keep the cast intimidated, on Entertainment Tonight Online

”I won’t stop terrorizing Springfield until I turn 11, which apparently will never happen.”
The Simpsons‘ Bart Simpson, on E! Online