Bust alterations--Julia Roberts required a little lift for ''Erin Brockovich,'' while Jennifer Love Hewitt toned 'em down for ''The Audrey Hepburn Story''

By Steve Daly and Clarissa Cruz
Updated March 24, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Inflated… You might say Erin Brockovich is Julia Roberts’ most uplifting movie — and we don’t just mean the single-working-mom-conquers-all story line. We’re talking about Roberts’ jaw-dropping bustline. Given her usually modest silhouette, how’d they do that? ”That’s all Julia up there,” assures costume designer Jeffrey Kurland. But it’s Julia plus ”precisely engineered,” custom-designed, intricately interdependent garments, sewn by a master dressmaker. Kurland won’t reveal the exact ”trade secrets” — though he will say that ”three-inch heels helped a lot to push Julia’s bust forward.” Just be prepared for slightly less dramatic results if you try to duplicate the gaga garb at home. ”It ain’t a look that’s off the rack,” says Kurland, ”if you’ll pardon the expression.”

…Deflated Metamorphosing a chesty teen queen into a legendarily svelte starlet also required special underpinnings. Renee April, costume designer for ABC’s telepic The Audrey Hepburn Story (March 27), says Jennifer Love Hewitt is ”a bit more busty” than Hepburn, but, she giggles, ”you can change that with [a] bra that squashes,” adding that she used a plain old sports model to do the minimizing. ”Of course, that’s because she has real breasts — if she had fake ones, it wouldn’t have worked.”