Madonna's British-ish accent--We try to figure out what's up with the star's lingering foreign-sounding speech

Madonna’s British-ish accent

In 1995, when Madonna first adopted her bizarre British-ish accent, spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg said it was a side effect of vocal coaching for Evita. But the Michigan native still uses a William F. Buckley Jr. lockjaw in The Next Best Thing. Wot’s up with thaht? Rosenberg’s new thesis: The Material Girl is a linguistic chameleon. ”When Madonna had a Southern assistant, she was talking with a Southern accent,” she says. ”In regard to the movie, it’s probably because she was with Rupert [Everett] so much.” Which makes us wonder, what does this woman want? Vell, since Sigmund Freud is dead, we rang up psychology’s next best thing, Dr. Joyce Brothers. Her diagnosis: To ”unconsciously mimic” means Madonna is trying to impress her friends. Call it desperately seeking approval.