By George Hodgman
March 10, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Weird Like Us


Anyone interested in an authentic close-up of la vie boheme as it exists in America today would be a lot better off picking up the book Weird Like UsNew York Times music critic Ann Powers’ look at her years in Seattle, San Francisco, and Brooklyn — than catching a matinee of Rent. Whether she’s taking Ecstasy, grooving to grunge bands, or navigating the era of sexual disease, Powers always writes vividly. She has an unhurried thoughtfulness that allows her to take everything in — and then consider it in a judicious way. There’s no bohemian excess here; you get the feeling that hers would be a life well lived even if she decided to forsake Courtney Love for Lilly Pulitzer. B+

Weird Like Us

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