Madonna shops for glasses--When the star learned she needed corrective lenses, designers from Ralph Lauren to Christian Dior offered up their best accessories

By Carrie Bell
Updated March 10, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

It may not be as momentous as motherhood, but Madonna recently reached another milestone: Late last fall, the 41-year-old singer learned she needed glasses. Quicker than you can say blind ambition, designers jumped in to outfit the new spectacle girl. Spokeswoman Liz Rosenberg says the singer bought several frames at a Manhattan eyewear shop (she declined to name the store), and Sàfilo USA, a manufacturing company for Ralph Lauren, Christian Dior, and Gianfranco Ferre, also sent her some free frames. She ultimately chose a simple silver model from Ralph Lauren (No. 627, which retails for $175). ”I was surprised,” says Eden Wexler, manager of public relations for Sàfilo. ”They’re very classic and simple. I thought she’d have gone with something more funky.” Lens crafters in this day of laser surgery hope Madonna’s new look will do wonders for four-eyed-dom. And Madonna’s a heck of a better role model than, say, Lisa Loeb. Rosenberg notes, ”All I can suggest is buy eyewear stock now.”