Walkie-Talkies for grownups--We review the facts about Motorola's TalkAbout 6000

By Dave Karger
Updated March 10, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Hot Toy: Grown-up walkie-talkies, including Motorola’s TalkAbout 6000 (which sells for a whopping $189).

Roger? Roger? Handy on the ski slopes, they’re now used in malls, on beaches, at concerts — anywhere you need to keep tabs on a friend.

Talking Points A far cry from your old SWAT set, these two-way radios feature FM reception, thermometer, and barometer.

Drawbacks Even though you need at least two to tango, the walkies are sold individually. Says Motorola’s David Pinsky, ”We’re assuming you have friends.”

Product Placement Motorola supplied walkies for James Bond in The World Is Not Enough, and similar gadgets appear in the upcoming Joshua Jackson thriller The Skulls.

Why Not Just the Cell? Duh! No brain tumors!