The best quotes from the Web for March 10, 2000, from Kate Winslet, Aimee Mann, and Jeff Bridges

By EW Staff
Updated March 10, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

I always feel guilty because I don’t have a huge beauty regimen. I’m just not into it. I smoke, which is infinitely terrible for your skin; I don’t eat enough fruit; and half the time I fell asleep with my makeup on. I don’t have the exact answers and I don’t have those products.
Holy Smoke star Kate Winslet on the difficulties of playing the beauty game, on Mr. Showbiz

As a musician, [being Oscar-nominated] is not something that figures in your daydreams, even in the early stages, because that’s sort of an actor-y thing. But it’s much better than being nominated for a Grammy. As my friend Buddy Judge said, if he ever won a Grammy, his speech would have to be ”Now I know I suck.”
Singer-songwriter Aimee Mann on her chances of winning the Academy Award for her work on Magnolia, on Entertainment Weekly Online

I’m really a product of bold-faced nepotism! Like when I was a little kid in Sea Hunt. My dad would say to me, ”You want to get out of school and be in Sea Hunt?” and I’d be, ”Yeah!”
Simpatico‘s Jeff Bridges on one of the virtues of growing up with father Lloyd Bridges, on