By Noah Robischon
Updated March 03, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Is there any fighting arena — from the gridiron of Sega’s NFL 2K to the frag-fests of Quake III — more cruel than an elementary-school yard full of girls out to demolish one another’s popularity and self-esteem? You won’t need regression therapy for the answer, now that’s Sissyfight 2000 ( is out. The online game, full of retro-cool Game Boy- and Atari-inspired graphics, pits up to six young girls in a tattling, scratching, and teasing contest that would give a schoolmarm serious agita. But this is more insidiously strategic than a simple catfight: Players must communicate via chat during each 60-second round to gang up and eliminate opponents. It’s only through coordinated scuffles — and carefully chosen defensive moves like cowering, grabbing, and lollipop licking — that you’ll wind up in the final round, an endgame of paranoia and mistrust. Sissyfight brings forth a player’s nasty, repressed child like no other game — except maybe fifth-grade dodgeball and corporate retreats. A