Hard Candy will unveil a coffee-flavored lipstick--Start your day with makeup laced with caffeine

By Carrie Bell
Updated March 03, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Long for quivering, pouty, Angelina Jolie lips? Well, here’s how to get the quiver: In April, Hard Candy debuts a lipstick line that looks, smells, and tastes like your favorite cup of joe. ”It’s a novel way of combining your morning beauty regimen and your java jones,” says Hard Candy founder and creative director Dineh Mohajer. ”My partner came up with the idea after he had a series of girlfriends who couldn’t start their day without doing both steps.” The sticks, which come in colors like Lipachino, Latte Lip, and Cafe O Lip, are laced with caffeine and menthol that are absorbed through the skin with application (scary!). And though you’ll have to shell out $16 a pop, don’t expect to get a jolt equal to a $3.40 Starbucks double Caffe Latte. ”Each stick has a minuscule amount of caffeine, just enough for zing,” says Mohajer. ”Come to think of it, we should have increased the dose to get people addicted. It would’ve been good for business.”