By Gillian Flynn
Updated February 25, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Tail Lights Fade

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As an affable classic-car buff, Meyer is flawlessly appealing in this road-trip comedy — although you may wonder how a nice guy like him got hooked up with the buzz killer in the next seat (Tanya Allen). You may also wonder just where the plot is meandering to — as Meyer and friends race across Canada to destroy a stash of marijuana before a slinky pothead (Elizabeth Berkley) nabs it. Still, you have to appreciate any movie that makes Richards and Jake Busey — as the nutty friends — seem genuinely likable.

Reel Goodies
(0:49) She speaks! The statuesque Lisa Marie, mute of late in beau Tim Burton’s Mars Attacks! and Sleepy Hollow, snags a few lines — and reveals the savviness of Burton’s strategy.

The Last Detail
Margot Kidder’s role didn’t make the final cut — in the credits, the producers thank her for ”being so talented, dedicated and, in the end, so understanding.”


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Tail Lights Fade

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  • 87 minutes
  • Malcolm Ingram