By Clarissa Cruz
Updated February 25, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

The premise of Gaby Hauptmann’s international best-seller In Search of an Impotent Man is certainly provocative: Fed up with all the ”disagreeably horny bloke” types lusting after her, the lovely, thirtysomething Carmen Legg takes out a personal ad seeking an impotent man. But characterizing the protagonist of Hauptmann’s debut novel as the German Bridget Jones would be too easy — not to mention generous. Painted in cartoonishly broad strokes (and uttering dialogue that, even in translation, is downright corny), Legg and her gaggle of pals make us long for their adorably neurotic British counterparts. While this quest for a platonic soul mate wants to be a sexy jaunt through the modern dating scene, it’s best described as, well, anticlimactic. D+