Puff Daddy is a hit in the fashion world--The rapper shows his style with a designer collection

By Degen Pener
Updated February 25, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

All that platinum Puff Daddy wears seems to be having a Teflon effect. Despite his recent arrest and indictment on weapons-possession charges, the fashion world was anything but gun-shy about his Sean John fashion show. Editors and stylists raved about Puffy’s ghetto-fabulous collection, from its mink pants and white anoraks to its double-barreled use of diamond accessories. ”It was beyond hip-hop,” says Bloomingdale’s fashion director Kal Ruttenstein. ”I would have to call it world-class.” Ralph Lauren, perhaps the most conservative fashion company out there, included Puffy’s song ”My Best Friend,” from his disappointing Forever album, in the music lineup of its show. And Puffy even managed to make fashion news at his hearing, held smack in the middle of Fashion Week, where it was alleged that he had tried to bribe the driver of his Lincoln Navigator with a $40,000 Jacob Arabo pinkie ring that was a gift from girlfriend Jennifer Lopez. Can’t wait to see what he wears to the trial.