Anti-fur protesters disrupt Fashion Week--Animal rights activists make a statement

By Leonard McCants
Updated February 25, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Anti-fur protesters disrupt Fashion Week

Not everyone bought into the luxe life. With fox and mink coats slinking down the runway and everyone from Mary J. Blige to Anna Wintour glorifying expensive pelts, antifur protesters couldn’t resist disrupting several shows. One activist threw a tofu cream pie at designer Michael Kors as he took his postshow bow, and two women climbed onto the Oscar de la Renta runway, held up signs, and chanted, ”Oscar de la Renta: Fur Pimp.” ”We wanted these designers to realize animals should not be fashion victims,” says RaeLeann Smith, PETA fur-campaign coordinator. Some condemned their actions. ”It feels like a terrorist attack,” says Kim Cattrall (Sex and the City). Others worried about their cleaning bills. One demonstrator at the Randolph Duke show spilled red paint on stylist Philip Bloch’s mint green cashmere sweater and CNN fashion maven Elsa Klensch’s handbag. ”I don’t think it’s usable again,” Klensch said afterward. ”I’m afraid it’s goodbye bag.”