By EW Staff
February 22, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Best Laid Plans is the kind of movie that seems as if it were cooked up by a couple of college buddies over a pitcher of beer (”Wouldn’t it be cool if we, like, started at the end?”). As such, Nick (Nivola) is a luckless small-town guy who gets into improbably dire straits and, with his girlfriend (Witherspoon) in tow, goes to even more improbable lengths to get out, using her as a sexual decoy in order to steal a historic document to sell to pay off a drug dealer. Told in layers of flashback, the story takes a few twists too many, while the characters do little to make the ride worthwhile.

Reel Goodies The Bad Ass Dude (Rocky Carroll) menaces Nick, all the while applying the economic theories of Adam ”The Invisible Hand” Smith to his own stock-in-trade, drug dealing. The Last Detail Witherspoon’s next big-screen role is as the fiancée of Christian Bale’s yuppie serial killer in ”American Psycho.”

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