February 18, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Written And Reported By Rebecca Ascher-Walsh, Steve Daly, Daniel Fierman, Gillian Flynn, Jeff Gordinier, David Hochman, Jeff Jensen, Tricia Johnson, Dave Karger, Allyssa Lee, Leslie Marable, Chris Nashawaty, Troy Patterson, Tim Purtell, Joshua Rich, Erin Richter, Jessica Shaw, Tom Sinclair, Benjamin Svetkey


SEX: THE ANNABEL CHONG STORY Here’s a documentary that proves not all records are made to be broken. It’s the true story of a 22-year-old Singapore woman who served as the centerpiece of a massive on-camera gang bang: 251 men in 10 hours. Bottom Line Believe it or not, critics are raving: One of the year’s skin best! (Feb. 11)

SNOW DAY Chevy Chase is a TV weatherman who…hey, where are you going? It gets better! Five family members (Chase is the pop) get up to high jinks during a blizzard’s morning after. The campy cast includes Chris Elliott as the evil plow driver who stands between the kids and school cancellation. Bottom Line Could have enough off-kilter charm to make you forget Christmas Vacation. (Feb. 11)

THE TIGGER MOVIE What’s this? The first full-length film based on A.A. Milne’s stuffed menagerie and Winnie-the-Pooh isn’t the star? Oh bother. The bouncy feline steals the spotlight by heading off into the Hundred Acre Wood to find his Tigger family. Oscar-winning songwriters Richard M. and Robert B. Sherman (Mary Poppins) provide the tunes. Bottom Line The power of Pooh can’t be denied — even if he’s not the headliner. (Feb. 11)

BOILER ROOM Director Ben Younger’s homage to Wall Street stars Giovanni Ribisi as a pasty college dropout who joins a brokerage house (run by Tom Everett Scott and Ben Affleck), rises through the ranks, and falls in love… only to realize the firm is shadier than a weeping willow in summer. Bottom Line A hot ticket at Sundance, it’s achingly of the moment — but there’s a fine line between homage and rip-off. (Feb. 18)

NOT ONE LESS Using nonactors who play themselves, China’s Zhang Yimou (director of such Oscar nominees as Raise the Red Lantern) tells the story of a 13-year-old substitute teacher and her impoverished charges. Bottom Line The melodrama moved one audience at Sundance to donate dollars to the film’s real-life schoolhouse. (Feb. 18)

PITCH BLACK After crash-landing on a barren planet, a plucky pilot (Radha Mitchell) must lead the survivors — including a prison escapee (Vin Diesel) — off the rock. There is just one problem: At night, the natives come out to play. Bottom Line From Dusk Till Dawn meets Stargate. Pass the popcorn! (Feb. 25)

MIFUNE Despite the title (a reference to the late Japanese actor Toshiro Mifune), this import is actually Danish. Anders W. Berthelsen plays a Copenhagen yuppie who tries to shield his wife from his down-market past. Directed by Soren Kragh-Jacobsen, it touched off a bidding war after it won the top prize at the Berlin Film Festival. Bottom Line Hottest Danish since The Celebration. (Feb. 25)

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