Readers respond to Our Guide to 2000 issue, 'Friends,' 'The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle' casting, and Canadian TV.

By EW Staff
Updated February 18, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Our Guide to 2000 was full of what to expect in the coming year — except for the possible border war. Two slights had our Canadian readers rallying to the maple leaf flag. On being the Movies section’s Loser of the Week for plans to eliminate U.S. films from national network TV during prime time, Markus Rubrecht of Regina, Saskatchewan, said: “Canadians do [not] grow up wanting to be Americans. I applaud our nation for wanting to close the door on Hollywood’s version of the real world.” And Owen Sharman of North Bay, Ontario, had this for a certain starlet: “Dear Charlize Theron: Let me help clear up the mystery. You use Canadian money in Vancouver because — ready? — Vancouver is in Canada. Check any atlas.”

Sweet Lowdown
Thanks for the great scope-out of what’s upcoming in movies, books, and music (“First Look 2000”)! There is a lot to look forward to and anticipation is high, thanks to you. I was especially excited to read that we can expect another k.d. lang CD! But my question is, When are we going to see the brother/sister movie starring k.d. and Tobey Maguire? The uncanny resemblance! Now, that would be eagerly awaited.
Stephen Horn
Arlington, Va.

Jason Alexander as Boris Badenov? This is the role Danny DeVito was born to play! With Anjelica Huston as Natasha, The Adventures of Rocky & Bullwinkle might have had a chance. The ubiquitous Mr. Alexander all but ensures another movie misfire. The proper level of snarkiness is almost impossible to achieve in the CPA-run Hollywood of today, though Matt Groening has a handle on it. Warning: Mess with Super Chicken and you’re messin’ with me!
Pete Kinnear
Tuscaloosa, Ala.

Thanks for the early poop on the inspired casting of the marvelous Reese Witherspoon on Friends. I’ve watched from the first season, and this show continues to make me laugh out loud with its ability to reinvent itself. Joey working at the coffee shop? Brilliant. What’s next, Rachel kisses Gunther? This show has done something few shows can, and that’s get funnier as it ages.
David Ryder
Chico, Calif.

You’ve Got Merger
Since you’re owned by Time Warner, I suppose you can be forgiven for not pointing out another potential downside of the proposed Time Warner-AOL merger (“Might Wedding”). I’m 35 years old, and I believe that in my lifetime, all media will be owned by one corporate giant, and our government and we as citizens will be powerless to stop it from happening. Which means we’ll be force-fed the same crap we’re getting now, only there won’t be any escape from it. You forgot to mention one more loser in your little box: the consumer.
Joe Chimi
Easthampton, Mass.

Uh-Oh, Canada
I believe there may have been a typo in your issue. You labeled Canada as Loser of the Week because our national broadcaster may not air Hollywood movies in prime time. You must have meant Winner of the Week, as this decision can only mean more Atom Egoyan and less Adam Sandler.
Dave Crowley

Out of Sites
Thank you so very much for the informative article about the Twentieth Century Fox-vs.-Buffy fans war (“Rebuffed”). For months fans have become increasingly outraged as one by one our favorite sites have been shut down. In some cases, the site owners weren’t given a reason or even a notice. They were simply shut down through their server. It’s understandable that it’s due to guild contracts, but it is free publicity for the show. Why doesn’t Fox lighten up and stop being the Big Bad in Sunnydale?
Jackie Mcallister
Cowichan Bay, B.C.

Out of Focus
The review of photographer Mary Ellen Mark’s book American Odyssey: 1963-1999 misses the mark completely. For myself, Mark’s images are not of the “downtrodden,” they are about moments, special or not, that populate our world. Mark simply shines a light to make us stop for a moment to see.
Kelly Rodrigues
Rio Rancho, N.M.

CORRECTION: Our 11/19/99 story on author Dava Sobel (“Star Power”) referred to Ms. Sobel’s separation from then husband Arthur Klein. We wish to make clear that after their separation, Mr. Klein and Ms. Sobel each spent a substantial amount of time with their children, and that Ms. Sobel’s financial debts were unrelated to their separation agreement. We regret any misunderstanding.