By Ann Limpert
Updated February 12, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Founded in late ’98 by a group of young, Net-savvy minds, MBTV provides scathing (and often hysterical) recaps of teen-friendly prime-time shows. Though it’s almost too predictably cynical at times, arguments are well thought out (one writer uses a chart to demonstrate how characters on ”Get Real” are simply incarnations of past pop-culture heroes) and some of the snittiness is right on. Here’s how one contributor describes a recent episode of ”Felicity”: ”Elena searches for a story line, and Meghan and Javier finally get a decent amount of screen time. Oh, and that girl with the funny short hair talks about herself a lot.” Still, these guys aren’t totally mean — they provide bulletin board forums for every show so you can unleash your own bitchy side.