Special Campaign Edition

By EW Staff
Updated February 11, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

In honor of the primaries — and the imminent arrival of Presidents’ Day — we asked celebs: Who is your favorite Commander-in-Chief?

FELICITY HUFFMAN (Sports Night) ”Teddy Roosevelt, because of his work with the environment.”

TOM CRUISE ”Abraham Lincoln — for obvious reasons.”

PETER BOYLE ”Lincoln. He hung with the brothers; he [went] to the hood.”

JASON BIGGS (American Pie) ”Ben Franklin, because he’s on the $100 bill.” (Note to kids: Franklin was not a president.)

HALEY JOEL OSMENT (The Sixth Sense) ”Franklin Roosevelt. He got us through the Depression and a war.”

MARK McGRATH (Sugar Ray) ”You know who got a bad knock? Nixon. That Watergate thing was a real black eye, but the U.S. is still benefiting from the good international relations he fostered.”

HEATHER GRAHAM ”Abraham Lincoln — ’cause he ended slavery.”

WILLIAM H. MACY (Magnolia) ”Jimmy Carter…. He didn’t last very long, but he was the first guy who really brought a sense of morality into the presidency.”

DIANE LANE ”I like the humanness of Clinton. And humanness is the key word.”

LL COOL J ”Obviously, it would have to be Abraham Lincoln. The decision he made…gave me the opportunity to do what I’m doing now.”

JULIANNE MOORE ”Thomas Jefferson…. He was extraordinary. Unfortunately, his personal politics weren’t terribly admirable.”

BEAU BRIDGES ”Mr. Clinton. He is an impressive speech giver and truly cares about people.”

NICHOLAS BRENDON (Buffy the Vampire Slayer) ”Jimmy Carter. He was the President during my formative years of 8 to 12.”

WOODY ALLEN ”Franklin Roosevelt. I think he did the toughest job and did it very, very well.”

MARTHA PLIMPTON ”I’m not original. I’m not going to say Polk. It’s a draw between Lincoln and Jefferson.”

JAMES CROMWELL (The Green Mile) ”In the ’60s, we used to chant ‘Hey, hey, LBJ, how many kids did you kill today?’ I just realized that LBJ…was an extraordinary politician. We made him the bad guy. I hope he gets his due.”

BEVERLEY MITCHELL (7th Heaven) ”I’d have to say Jefferson because I did a project on him. He’s the President I know the most about.”

JERI RYAN (Star Trek: Voyager) ”Abraham Lincoln. I’m not going for anybody from recent history, that’s for sure.”