By Rebecca Ascher-Walsh
February 08, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

Depp is ”Top Gun”’s Tom Cruise gone to the dark side, while Theron imitates ”Rosemary’s Baby”’s screwed-by-the-devil Mia Farrow in The Astronaut’s Wife, the dreadful, nonsensical movie about an astronaut (Depp) who returns from a traumatic mission with a little extra ”something” in his mojo. As if his post-traumatic space syndrome weren’t enough for his poor, put-upon wife (Theron) to contend with, she gets pregnant with twins who are actually… computers? Aliens? Whatever — they’re not human, judging from the drama that ensues. The only certainty offered by this flick is that, should the need arise, you could find a fabulous colorist to accompany you in outer space — just check out Depp’s perfect honey highlights.

Reel Goodies An honest-to-God, ”if you’re watching this tape I must be dead” scene in which Theron’s character pops in a video and learns the truth about her bad hubby. The Last Detail Soon after ”The Devil’s Advocate,” Theron has to spin around and play one more wife dragged up from Florida to sinister New York, only to be neglected by her evil man.

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