Neve tops Ashley Judd and Sandra Bullock, but a little mouse stands strong

By Liane Bonin
February 07, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

In case you were wondering, America’s favorite scary-movie franchise is still the one starring Neve Campbell and Courteney Cox Arquette: ”Scream 3” slaughtered its competition this weekend with an estimated $35.2 million. The final entry in the ”Scream” trilogy earned more than every other film in the top 10 combined, and is reportedly the best February opener ever. Even Ashley Judd’s sultry bathtub antics weren’t enough to save last week’s No. 1 film from the bloodletting. ”Eye of the Beholder” slumped to fifth place with a feeble $4 million, tying with longtime player ”The Green Mile.”

Oldies but goodies made up most of the top 10, with ”The Hurricane” holding on to second place ($4.9 million) and ”Stuart Little” staking out third with $4.8 million, bringing the lovable rodent’s total earnings to $128.7 million. The equally musty ”Galaxy Quest” landed in 7th place, with ”Girl, Interrupted” taking 9th ($2.6 million), and ”The Talented Mr. Ripley” landing in 10th ($2.5 million). New entries didn’t fare as well despite substantial star power: Sharon Stone’s ”Simpatico” earned $500,000 in limited release, and Sandra Bullock?s critically drubbed ”Gun Shy” made just $700,000 in 296 theaters.

CRITICAL MASS Though Hollywood Pictures is considering pushing ”Gun Shy” into wide release, EW Online readers would probably suggest dumping the movie into the video bin. In our Critical Mass poll, 55 percent of voters rated the movie as being worse than they expected, and gave it an unenthusiastic C+. On the bright side, readers felt ”Scream 3” was a bloody good time, with men and women rating it B+ and 49 percent saying it was very likely that they would see it again. With raves like that, it should continue to make a killing.