How obsessive fans fueled the ''Scream 3'' star's on- and off-screen dread

Neve Campbell
Credit: Tammie Arroyo/Ipol

The ”Scream” trilogy may have cemented Neve Campbell’s status as a big-screen star, but the 26-year-old says she’s relieved to be ending her run as the darling of everyone’s favorite scary movies. ”I go home really drained at the end of the day,” she says. ”Creating the character involves trying to imagine what those circumstances would be like, and they’re horrifying circumstances when someone comes into your life and causes it to spin around.”

Unfortunately, Campbell doesn’t have to look far for inspiration. ”In all of my acting I draw on personal experiences, and I’ve had experience with stalkers,” she admits. ”I have several people who write me letters nonstop, and I’ve had threats. I feel sad for people who make it their motive in life to stalk someone, and they’re obviously obsessive and disturbed and don’t have a life of their own, but it’s also terrifying for us. It was a very strange experience the first time it happened to me, to be in my house and fearing that this person will find me. I feel like I never made the choice to be famous, but I did make the choice to entertain people, and that’s a pretty loving thing, and out of that comes people who want to harm you.”

The local police department has turned out to be about as helpful to Campbell as David Arquette’s goony Deputy Dewey. ”You can’t really get a restraining order until they try to accost you,” she explains. ”The LAPD is trying to create laws to protect celebrities, and I’m glad that that’s changing, because it seems strange to me to have to wait to be accosted to warn someone not to come near you.” Sounds like the stuff of a truly scary movie.

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