A closer look at the son of Julio Iglesias

By Joe Dziemianowicz
Updated January 21, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

AGE 26 WHERE YOU’VE HEARD HIM On the soundtrack for Music of the Heart performing ”Nothing Else”; on his single ”One More Chance” (”My first song. I wrote it when I was 16”); on tour with Cher last fall. FAMOUS FAMILY Dad Julio; younger brother Enrique. ”My music is completely different from [theirs], but I talk a lot to my brother about different things. We learn from each other.” COMING SOON Under My Eyes, his debut album (Epic), which features a ”hot dance version” of Bread’s ”If.” FUN FACT ”When I was little, my father used to pull me on stage and I hated it. I was afraid of all those people.” Did fans really toss Pop panties and hotel-room keys? ”Oh, yes. I used to pick up all the presents.” FAVORITE ALBUM Michael Jackson’s Thriller. ”It had a big impact around the world — and on me. I played it over and over.” WHERE HE CELEBRATED THE MILLENNIUM ”In my house in Miami Beach. It was very quiet. I was expecting it to be a little crazier.” THIS YEAR’S RESOLUTION ”To keep on writing good music that hopefully makes people happy.”