Q&A with "The Sopranos" Drea de Matteo about her character's fashion choices

By EW Staff
January 21, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST
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Thanks to the frenzy for Tony Soprano’s family and business associates, it’s only a matter of time before designers start stocking the runways with apparel de mafioso. When that happens, it’ll be goodbye Gwyneth, hello Adriana. The hot-tempered, foulmouthed girlfriend of Soprano crew member Christopher Moltisanti, Adriana (played by Drea de Matteo, 28) is equal parts Madison Avenue shop-aholic and Jersey-girl slut — and the HBO show’s breakout clothes horse. With help from Sopranos costume designer Juliet Polcsa, she’s redefining gangster chic. Below, de Matteo shares Adriana’s style secrets.

What’s Adriana’s most important asset?

Her neckline. The lower the better.

What designers does she wear?

If she had all the money in the world she’d only wear Versace, Dolce & Gabbana. Of course, [she] only had all those dresses when Christopher made that big score. That’s what all of us girls want.

Describe her lingerie choices.

Definitely, definitely a thong. And always push-up bras. Anything that makes her look like she has nothing on.

Do clothes make Adriana?

I couldn’t play the character without the clothes. It’s the hair, the makeup, and the clothes that turn on the accent and the attitude.

Where’s her wardrobe going in 2000?

Sluttier and sluttier.

What’s it like to be the first 21st-century moll?

[Laughs] You mean like a shopping mall?

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