Aibo Watch

By Noah Robischon
January 21, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST

The adult AIBO we took to the park last month was so dang cute that we couldn’t resist buying a robopup for around the office. The move wasn’t entirely selfish, though: Regular updates on the yet-to-be-named pooch’s progress will be posted here for your vicarious pleasure (just so long as no one tips off the digital ASPCA). So far, the shiny black plastic coating is a marvel, but that’s about the only exciting thing about our new AIBO’s personality, since it’ll take weeks for AIBO to grow out of puppy mode and learn to walk. Still, lack of motion hasn’t dampened our enthusiasm, particularly now that AIBO’s becoming a famous breed: We noticed one e-dog posing alongside Britney Spears, another modeling for In Style magazine, not to mention ZDNet hiring AIBO for its advertising campaign. Let’s just hope all this fame doesn’t go to AIBO’s memory chip.