Plus, David Letterman, Barbra Streisand, and more

NABBED…AND ESCAPED Whitney Houston seems to be using the Diana Ross Diva rule book, at least when it comes to dissing airport security. According to Hawaii’s Tribune-Herald, Houston was detained by authorities at the Keahole-Kona International Airport on Tuesday when her handbag was searched and 15.2 grams of marijuana were found. Security reportedly seized her bag, but when the officers tried to hold Houston until the police arrived, she walked off and got on her flight to San Francisco, which left before the cops could get there. Local punishment for the petty misdemeanor of promotion of a detrimental drug is 30 days in jail and a $1,000 fine, according to the Associated Press, which also said none of Houston’s representatives were available for comment.

FEELING GOOD After getting overtaken by Jay Leno, David Letterman wasn’t going to let a little heart surgery beat him too. Doctors say he is on his way to a full recovery after his quintuple bypass surgery Friday. ”I feel fantastic,” said Letterman in a statement. ”In addition to rerouting the arteries, they also installed an E-Z pass.” (For all of you non-Tristaters, that’s a reference to New York’s electronic tollbooth-pass system.) However, it is going to be a quiet late-night February sweeps for CBS because Letterman could be out for as many as 10 weeks. CBS will be airing reruns while he’s recuperating.

NO MORE If you were waiting for the 21st century to see Barbra Streisand sing, you missed your chance: She tells TV Guide that her New Year’s gig at the MGM Grand (which broke box office records, taking in $14.7 million) will be her last live concert. ”I don’t like performing,” she said. ”I feel like I’m in a beauty pageant, like I’m 18 and strutting around on stage.” To which Christina Aguilera would reply, ”Hey, no self-respecting 18-year-old would duet to ‘Yentl’ footage.”

SWEEPS CHANGES With February sweeps just around the corner, Fox is taking the broom to its low-rated programs to help raise the network’s overall performance. ”Time of Your Life” and ”Get Real” will both get February off, according to Variety, with ”Time” possibly returning in March on Tuesday nights, and ”Real” possibly never being heard from again. (Not that many people have heard about it when it HAS been on the air.) During February, ”That ’70s Show” will take ”Time”’s slot, with an original episode at 8 p.m. and a rerun at 8:30, and Fox will run specials in ”’70s”’ old Tuesday slot and ”Real”’s Wednesday position.

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