Plus, Helen Hunt, Freddie Prinze Jr., Catherine Zeta-Jones, Moby, Rosie Perez, and more

By Owen Gleiberman
January 07, 2000 at 05:00 AM EST
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LIVE Madonna will perform her new cover of Don McLean’s “American Pie” for the first time at the pregame show for this year’s Super Bowl on Jan. 30, according to MTV News. (The single was recorded for the soundtrack of her upcoming movie “The Next Big Thing.”) Also singing as part of the “Great American Music of the 20th Century” pregame theme will be Tina Turner and Travis Tritt. At halftime the performers will be Christine Aguilera, Enrique Iglesias, and Phil Collins.

CASTING Helen Hunt has changed her mind and is once again negotiating to join Mel Gibson in “What Women Want,” a movie she backed out of last month to pair with Kevin Spacey in “Pay It Forward.” The Gibson comedy is about a chauvinist who develops the power to read women’s minds…. Freddie Prinze Jr. will once again try to find love in the most spit-shined of ways in “Summer Catch”: This time the romance is set at a vacation town where he’s a poor local and the object of his affection is a rich visitor. The laws of probability and predictability say that everything’s gonna end up okay…. Lili Taylor racks up another indie with “Julie Johnson,” in which she’ll play a New Jersey housewife whose life opens up when she takes a computer course. If this is a hit, look for “Windows for Dummies” to become the next “Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood.”

REEL DEAL Catherine Zeta-Jones‘ New Year’s resolutions must have been: (1) Get husband (2) Become behind-the-scenes mogul. She has formed a production company with her two brothers appropriately titled Zeta Films, and hopes to make two to six movies a year. Now Michael Douglas can only hope that her third resolution was not “Build power in Hollywood until you can ditch old husband and get new stud 25 years your junior.”

COURT REPORT Rosie Perez was one of eight arrested Thursday in front of the United Nations’ U.S. Mission while they were protesting the Navy’s bombing practice on Vieques, a Puerto Rican island, according to the Associated Press. “Rosie is a proud Puerto Rican girl whose family and friends in Puerto Rico are directly affected by the actions she’s protesting,” said the 35-year-old actress’ spokesman. The eight were taken to a New York precinct to be charged with disorderly conduct. However, Perez was not kept in jail, presumably because the police could not bear to hear her chant “Attica! Attica!” in that nasal voice…. Bone Thugs-N-Harmony’s Flesh-N-Bone was charged for numerous offenses Wednesday, including possession of a firearm by a convicted felon, according to Reuters. He had been arrested two days prior for being caught at a relative’s house in Los Angeles with a loaded shotgun and refusing to leave when police ordered him to do so. Flesh (real name Stanley Howse) was also charged with illegal possession of a shotgun, making a terrorist threats, and resisting an officer, which just adds to an already long rap sheet. Among other infractions, he’s been charged with assault for incidents in 1993 and 1997, the last of which got him 120 days in jail.

SCORING Moby is planning to write the opening music to the next film from John Waters, according to Allstar News. Moby’s not sure if he’ll write a real song or just an instrumental to kick off “Cecil B. Demented,” Waters’ movie about a lunatic indie director who kidnaps a Hollywood star to headline his film, but one thing’s for sure: He won’t be acting too. “I don’t know why musicians don’t push themselves, like, into marine biology or chess champions or something,” he said. “I always liked Black Flag, but Henry Rollins acting… I think he should stick to writing. I remember seeing him in the ‘Lost Highway’ movie, and, oofff.”

IN THE PIT The Oscars will get a bit of retro-hipness this year, as Burt Bacharach has been recruited to be comusical director along with producer Don Was. In true form, Bacharach will direct a 10-piece band from behind his groovy piano. Of course, everyone is so grateful that there are no dance numbers this year that the producers could have hired Don Johnson as bandleader and no one would complain.

AXED ABC’s attempt to make newsmagazines hip with “20/20 Downtown” has been cut short with the cancellation of the show. Although it was earning fair ratings from young adults on Thursday nights, according to the Hollywood Reporter, some in the news division thought the show was a little too tabloidy and wanted it stopped. Hopefully this won’t stop CBS from giving it a try someday with “60 Minutes, Yo.”

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