Family Guy, Odd Man Out and Passions were among the year's worst

The Worst

1 Family Guy (Fox) Racist, anti-Semitic, and AIDS jokes; shoddy animation; stolen ideas: the cartoon as vile swill.

2 Odd Man Out (ABC) Horny teenager (the hapless Erik von Detten) raised, tortured, and plagued by women: It’s a premise designed to instill both stupidity and sexist stereotypes in the minds of ABC’s carefully nurtured, now-betrayed young ”TGIF” audience. An agonized-looking Markie Post plays Mom as if she were performing torture upon innocent victims — which, given her audience, she is.

3 Happy Hour (USA) Ahmet and Dweezil Zappa hosted the first and worst of ’99’s trend of ”male oriented” programming, complete with moronic jokes, booty-shaking female dancers, Dweezil’s Eddie Van Halen guitar rip-offs, and Ahmet’s dentist-drill ”singing.”

4 Passions (NBC) My opinion is skewed, since it’s the only afternoon soap I watched, but could there be anything worse than this supernatural/Princess Di-defiling/slack-jawed-teen-actor-stuffed drama? I mean, aside from the prospect of Susan Lucci countering her well-deserved losing streak by winning a second daytime Emmy?

5 Arli$$ (HBO) Because, against all verifiable standards of sanity, it’s still there. Please have Buffy the Vampire Slayer drive a stake into sports agent Arliss’ heart; if my vampire theory proves correct, he’ll turn to dust, and HBO executives can emerge from hiding to perform a ritual cancellation.

Family Guy
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