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Style 1999: Sex and the City Stands Out

Pretty in Pink Stars didn’t just think pink—or blush, rose, and salmon: They lived it. Minnie Driver (left) and Kristin Scott Thomas (center) were awash in the girlish color, and Gwyneth Paltrow (right) wore the year’s highest-profile pink dress to collect her Oscar for Shakespeare in Love. Was the Ralph Lauren gown a high-profile flub because of the ill-fitting bodice? Or was that just a minor distraction in an otherwise divine look? The debate rages on. ”She looked like a million bucks,” insists celebrity stylist Phillip Bloch. ”You knew she was going to win.”

Wooley Bullies Faster than you can say ”Himalayan mountain goat,” pashmina went from posh to passe. Once zealously prized by Vogue editors and such stars as Lara Flynn Boyle (left), the pricey shawls went mass-market by midyear. The fashion flock has, of course, moved on. ”I only wear them to watch TV now,” sniffs fashion marketing consultant Amy Koch.

‘Sex’ Sells HBO’s smart, sarcastic Sex and the City scored last summer—and so did its clothes. From sunglasses and stilettos to gold ”Carrie” name necklaces (a good idea when you have as many one-night stands as Sarah Jessica Parker’s character), the Sex look has become the new fashion bible. If only someone would dot-com this stuff!

The Straight Story Call it Cher hair. Or maybe you refer to it as the Marcia Brady look. No matter. Hair ironed as flat as a pancake showed up on the head of almost every female celebrity, including Jennifer Lopez, Salma Hayek, Jennifer Aniston, Julianna Margulies, and Helen Hunt (right). Not everyone did well by the ’70s ‘do. Says Steven Dillon of New York City’s Pierre Michel salon: ”It’s not Helen Hunt’s look to have hair down to her butt. She didn’t look comfortable.”

In the Bag Named after a bread and designed to carry dough, the most chic handbag of the year was the Fendi baguette, a favorite of Catherine Zeta-Jones, among other celebs. ”She carries one 90 percent of the time,” says her stylist, Fati Parsia. Costing more than $1,000, the bags are prized for their individualized hand-beading. ”They each have their own little personality,” says stylist Bloch. ”They’re the Furbys of fashion.”

Covering Her Assets The oldest publicity stunt in the book worked yet again. Decades after Betty Grable insured her famous legs for $1 million, reports surfaced that Jennifer Lopez had taken out a policy on her bodacious body for a record $1 billion. Lopez has since denied the London tabloid report, calling it ”ridiculous,” but hasn’t she already achieved the desired effect?

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