For stars big and small, size DID matter

By Jessica Shaw
Updated December 24, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Call us boobs for writing this, but breasts were big — often really big — showbiz stories this year, whether they were growing, shrinking, getting grabbed, hanging out, or popping up on guys. As the months-long debate over Britney Spears‘ endowments raged (the teen phenom insists they’re real), Pamela Anderson Lee traded her major-league models in for a smaller size, while TLC criticized the popularity of implants in their No. 1 hit ”Unpretty.”

Jennifer Love Hewitt called hers ”a great accessory to every outfit,” but Christina Ricci expressed surprise at the prominence of hers in ads for Sleepy Hollow (”A friend told me there’s some big, ridiculous billboard…that’s basically me and my cleavage”). The New York Post and others chided Kathie Lee Gifford for seeming to go braless on the air. And Diana Ross, who fondled Lil’ Kim‘s pastied pulchritude at the MTV Video Music Awards, went ballistic two weeks later at London’s Heathrow Airport, when she herself was frisked — perhaps a bit too aggressively — after setting off a metal detector.

Then there were the unlikely chest beaters: Canadian Brian Zembic‘s 38Cs scored an appearance on Comedy Central’s The Man Show after he followed through on a $100,000 bet that he wouldn’t get implants. The ample chest sprouted by Meat Loaf Aday’s Fight Club support-group member came from cancer treatment, but bodybuilder Alex Baez got the sympathy vote for discussing his unplanned acquisitions on the Today show. Baez had chosen an allegedly unlicensed surgeon to help perfect his pectorals and emerged with something completely different. What a bust.