By Dan Snierson
Updated December 24, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Deviled Ham

We can assure you that none of the other entertainers in this issue (not even the wrestlers) has suckled a cow’s udder, eaten a concoction of human hair and petroleum jelly, and placed a cow’s head in their parents’ bed. Which kind of sets Tom Green apart. The lanky, loony host of MTV’s late-night variety show is hard to describe, though Letterman on LSD will do in a pinch: Green abuses his sidekick (once tossing his clothes from a plane), disrespects celebrities (he interviewed The Dukes of Hazzard‘s Tom Wopat dressed as a giant pea pod), and takes man-on-the-street reportage in dangerous directions (with a poop-smeared microphone). ”We don’t ever want things to look like they’re contrived skits,” says the 28-year-old Canadian, choosing understatement for perhaps the only time in his career. ”You get a different vibe when I’m the only one who’s in on the joke.” To that end, his favorite targets had better not drop their guard anytime soon. ”My New Year’s resolution is to make my parents’ lives even more miserable,” cracks Green. ”They seem to like it, though. They got to go on Donny & Marie.”