December 24, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Alice Adams, 72, novelist (Superior Women). 5/27

Joey Adams, 88, comedian. 12/2

Kirk Alyn, 88, first actor to play Superman on the silver screen. 3/14

Hoyt Axton, 61, singer-songwriter-actor (Three Dog Night’s ”Joy to the World”; appeared in The Black Stallion and Gremlins). 10/26

Ian Bannen, 71, theater and film actor (Waking Ned Devine). 11/3

Lionel Bart, 68, composer-lyricist-librettist best known for Broadway’s Oliver! 4/3

Mary Kay Bergman, 38, voice of several South Park characters. 11/11

Dirk Bogarde, 78, courtly film star (Death in Venice, Victim). 5/8

Paul Bowles, 88, writer (The Sheltering Sky), composer, and translator. 11/18

Hillary Brooke, 84, actress (The Philadelphia Story). 5/25

Rory Calhoun, 76, Western actor and star of CBS’ The Texan. 4/28

Peggy Cass, 74, Tony-winning actress (Auntie Mame). 3/8

Allan Carr, 62, Tony-winning Broadway (La Cage aux Folles) and film (Grease) producer. 6/29

Anita Carter, 66, country singer and bass player. 7/29

Iron Eyes Cody, 94, veteran Native American actor known for a TV PSA in which he shed a tear over the sight of a polluted America. 1/4

Wilt Chamberlain, 63, basketball legend and author of the autobiography A View From Above: Sports, Sex, and Controversy. 10/12

Marguerite Chapman, 81, ’40s film actress who later appeared on TV (Perry Mason). 8/31

Del Close, 64, improvisational comedian, creator of SCTV. 3/4

Ellen Corby, 87, Emmy-winning matriarch of The Waltons. 4/14

Charles Crichton, 89, director (A Fish Called Wanda). 9/14

Quentin Crisp, 90, flamboyant writer (The Naked Civil Servant) and actor (Orlando). 11/21

Rick Danko, 56, founding member of The Band. 12/10

Frank DeVol, 88, composer known for The Brady Bunch and My Three Sons TV themes. 10/27

Joe DiMaggio, 84, baseball hero (husband of Marilyn Monroe). 3/8

Edward Dmytryk, 90, director (Murder, My Sweet; The Caine Mutiny) and member of the Hollywood Ten. 7/1

Betty Lou Gerson, 84, the voice of Cruella De Vil in Disney’s 1961 film 101 Dalmatians. 1/12

Sandra Gould, 73, character actress who played Gladys Kravitz on TV’s Bewitched. 7/20

Huntz Hall, 78, rubber-faced actor of the ’30s and ’40s (Dead End Kids, Bowery Boys). 1/30

Joseph Heller, 76, author of the landmark novel Catch-22. 12/12

Shirley Hemphill, 52, TV actress (What’s Happening!!). 12/10

Bob Herbert, 57, music manager and Spice Girls cocreator. 8/9

Ed Herlihy, 89, actor and the voice of Kraft Foods. 1/30

George V. Higgins, 59, crime writer (The Friends of Eddie Coyle). 11/6

Al Hirt, 76, Grammy-winning pop-jazz trumpeter. 4/27

Horst P. Horst, 93, influential pop-culture photographer. 11/18

Milt Jackson, 76, vibraphonist and founding member of the Modern Jazz Quartet. 10/9

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