December 24, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Best and Worst Books: 1999

Best Trend
Sparkling Bridget Jones follow-ups, such as Melissa Bank’s Girls’ Guide to Hunting and Fishing and Suzanne Finnamore’s Otherwise Engaged.

Worst Trend Derivative Bridget Jones knockoffs, such as Amy Sohn’s Run Catch Kiss, Kate Christensen’s In the Drink, and Melissa Roth’s On the Loose.

WORST PR MOVE The St. Martin’s press release for their Britney Spears quickie bio, which spells the teen queen’s name three different ways.

Best PR Move Simon & Schuster, publishers of the Magnolia Bakery Cookbook, who wooed us with freshly baked cupcakes.

Cutest Author Story British writers Josie Lloyd and Emlyn Rees, who fell in love while writing Come Together, a he-said, she-said love story. They married in September. Awww.

Trendlet of the Year With Galileo’s Daughter, Hitler’s Niece, Ahab’s Wife, and Einstein’s Daughter, publishers hoped to name-drop their way to success.

Best Celebrity Bio Camryn Manheim’s triumphant memoir, Wake Up, I’m Fat!

Worst Celebrity Bio Geri Halliwell’s (a.k.a. Ginger Spice) yawny memoir, If Only — in which she reveals that singing for Prince Charles is ”the perfect laxative.”

Worst Title Victor D. LaValle’s short-story collection Slapboxing With Jesus

Stupedist Title The Complete Idoit’s Guide for Dumies (sic)

Worst Line ”Red lipstick, like the poor, is always with us.” From Dodie Kazajian’s Dodie Goes Shopping.

Best Line ”O.K., I’m a man and I want to conquer you now. Let me do that, please.” Ricky Martin in Nancy Krulik’s quickie bio Ricky Martin: Rockin’ the House!

Most Prolific Scribe, Part I Even a life-threatening minivan accident couldn’t keep Stephen King down: In addition to his best-sellers The Girl Who Loved Tom Gordon and Hearts in Atlantis, he’s also featured on a rock & roll CD and narrates an audio story collection. Not to mention the movie version of The Green Mile.

Most Prolific Scribe, Part II The Dalai Lama: His Holiness has three books on shelves this year: The Art of Happiness, Ethics for the New Millennium, and The Path to Tranquility. Now he’ll have monetary enlightenment, too.

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