The short-attention-spanned actor can barely make it through ''Toy Story 2''

Tim Allen
Credit: Russ Einhorn/Star Max, Inc.
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Tim Allen couldn’t bear watching his ”Toy Story 2” costar Tom Hanks in Hanks’ other movie, ”The Green Mile.” No, it wasn’t because ”Mile” is Allen-less, or even because it is such an emotional film; it’s the three-hour running time. ”That’s a guy [writer/director Frank Darabont] that just didn’t know when to stop,” Allen says. ”It’s just too long.”

To be fair to Hanks and Darabont, they could have spent three hours on the screen listing off reasons Tim Allen is the greatest man alive, and Allen still would have gotten antsy: His attention span can barely make it through the 90-minute ”Toy Story 2.” ”An hour and a half is too long. And to sit there for twice that?” he says. ”There isn’t one three-hour movie I like. I can’t sit still. When I saw ‘Titanic,’ it was ‘Sink already!’ It was brilliant and wonderful, but it was a lot of this. [He shifts in his seat and winces.] And your ass is asleep. ‘Toy Story 2,’ it’s boom, boom, boom, and you’re out.” So for all of you Christmas shopping for Allen, here’s something NOT to buy him: tickets for a ”Magnolia”/”Any Given Sunday” double feature.

The Green Mile

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  • 188 minutes
  • Frank Darabont