By EW Staff
December 17, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Sadly, Leonardo DiCaprio‘s long-awaited film, The Beach, doesn’t open for a couple months. But don’t fret: You can see some of his fresh work right now…if you hop on a plane to Japan. The Titanic star continues to churn out hush-hush, only-in-Asia commercials—as do plenty of other celebs looking for some easy yen. Here’s our periodic review of Japan’s latest imports. — Corey Takahashi

DiCaprio for Suzuki’s Wagon R. Looks like Leo brought his famous posse to Japan. The boyish star struts through a garage with a bunch of frisky youths. Leo gets in a car, winks at the camera, and says, ”I love number one!” The plot’s thinner than a Growing Pains episode, but the spot does capture Leo, the Moomba-loving party boy. B

Brad Pitt for Edwin jeans. In what looks like a Real World audition tape, Pitt strums a guitar and sings in broken, off-key Japanese about pants. Cut to a Brad montage (Brad exposing his midriff, Brad reading a book), as a voiceover orders, ”Let’s buy Edwin jeans and go meet Brad!” While you’re at it, ask him about his anticonsumerist stance in Fight Club. D

Anthony Hopkins for Honda Avancier hatchback. In his most menacingly sexy role since playing a certain Chianti drinker, Sir Anthony commands two babes in English: ”Let’s have a thrilling time.” He escorts the ladies to the backseat of a car: They caress the upholstery. From the driver’s seat, Hopkins glares in the rearview mirror. Thrilling, indeed! A-

Jodie Foster for Pasona employment agency. Foster doles out some Oprah-style inspiration. ”You can be anything you want,” she intones in an English voice-over. ”It just takes a clear vision and the will to succeed.” Meanwhile, we see bewildering shots of Foster pecking away at a computer and talking with a little girl. Result: a New Age mishmash. B-

Meg Ryan for Suntory’s dandelion-flavored tea. Another epistle-themed opus from the You’ve Got Mail star! In a courtyard, Ryan reads a letter from the States. A kimono-clad housewife asks if she’s homesick. Says Ryan, in Japanese, ”I’m all right, because I’m a dandelion.” Maybe something got lost in translation. Or else that’s not tea she’s drinking. B