By Adam Winer
Updated December 17, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Back to the Future Nobody can be sure how many unsettling changes — malfunctioning phones, crashing ATMs, a lack of millennium features in magazines — the new year may bring. But count on one thing staying the same: Conan O’Brien will continue to predict the far-off future with his trademark segment ”In the Year 2000” — despite the arrival of the year 2000. ”We’ll beat it to death,” says head writer Jonathan Groff. ”I think that even until the year 2010 or so, the concept of the year 2000 is still going to sound weirdly in the future to people.” The skit — which features such predictions as ”In the year 2000, Calista Flockhart will attempt to prove she’s not anorexic by eating Kate Moss” — may get a tad confusing to the literal-minded. But, says Groff, ”maybe that’ll just make it funnier.” — Adam Winer

Sound Idea Everyone knows about closed-captioning for the hearing impaired. A far-less-publicized service: videotapes with additional narration for the blind. Recently, a special Titanic for the sightless was released — an admittedly ambitious project. ”Some movies have so many special effects, you can’t describe them all,” says Helen Harris, who helmed the project. Here, we present the big boat’s demise — as narrated by actress Angie Dickinson — along with a roundup of famed movie moments from videos, now on sale, for the blind. — AW

Titanic Sinks ”Shouting for loved ones, screaming in fear, masses of people fight the surging mob toward the ship’s stern…. Flailing against the power of the surging waters, people scream in final torment as the ocean overtakes them.”

Ghost‘s Pottery Scene ”[Sam’s] large gooey hands massage [Molly’s] sticky ones…. Molly smiles lustily, grasping the thick base of the clay pillar. Her back arches as she pushes its weight upward, elongating the clay.”

Psycho‘s Shower Scene ”Through the water-streaked, translucent shower curtain, we see the bathroom door open and a dark figure enter. Marion bathes, her back to the approaching figure, who suddenly pulls back the curtain wielding a huge kitchen knife!”

The Basic Instinct Interrogation ”With her bare legs crossed, [Catherine’s] short dress is hiked up to the middle of her thighs…. With a saucy gaze, Catherine uncrosses her thighs. She briefly exposes her pubic hair, then recrosses her legs.”

Tina’s Turn Here’s some surprising news: Former child star Tina Yothers isn’t in rehab or knocking over liquor stores. Instead, the Family Ties alum has become the lead singer of the L.A.-based funk-pop band Jaded, which released its first album late last month. ”People come to see [our concerts] for the curiosity factor,” admits Yothers, now 26. ”But as soon as they are there for one song, they completely understand this is for real. Music is my passion.” As for her feelings about being parodied in South Park, Yothers says she got her revenge when she bumped into cocreator Matt Stone at a club. ”We talked for 20 minutes, but he had no idea who I was,” says Yothers. After she told him, ”he fell to his knees, hugged me, and apologized.” Counters Stone: ”I didn’t apologize. Her agents should be apologizing to her for the path of her career.” —Liane Bonin