Plus Ben Stein, "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" and mimes

By Tricia Johnson
December 10, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

NOM DE ROOM Bad news for stalkers: Celebs are getting increasingly creative with the pseudonyms they use when checking into hotels. Here they share some of their recent aliases.


”Hank Williams. Hank Williams SENIOR.” —ANDY DICK

”Warren Babylon and Dr. Winston” —GAVIN ROSSDALE (Bush lead singer)

”I’ve used Rocky Road. I also used Cinnamon Bun once. Isn’t that sweet?” —JAMES WOODS

”Seymour Weiner” —BOB SAGET

”I used some of my characters’ names from films like Heathers or Pump Up the Volume.” —CHRISTIAN SLATER

”View Martini” —RACHEL HUNTER

”Jim Shorts” —MARK McGRATH (Sugar Ray frontman)

”Sometimes I use Rick James. I ain’t no superfreak, but I like Rick James. He’s my man.” —CHRIS TUCKER

”Crystal Light” —LAUREN HOLLY

”Jim Member. Actually Matt LeBlanc uses that name. I’ve used Abe Flamon.” —MATTHEW PERRY

”I always used to go for famous boxers like Primo Carnera.” —PATRICK MULDOON (Starship Troopers)

”Ed Kranepool, an old [player] for the Mets” —HANK AZARIA (Godzilla)

”Mrs. Ed Kranepool” —HELEN HUNT

”If I did, it’d be Burt Reynolds.” —JASON LEE (Chasing Amy)

”Only once, and I used Sammy Davis Jr.” —SALMA HAYEK

BEN THERE Here’s a $64,000 question: Why didn’t anyone select Ben Stein as a lifeline on ABC’s Who Wants to Be a Millionaire? After all, the Yale-trained host of Comedy Central’s Win Ben Stein’s Money is a walking Encyclopaedia Britannica. EW asked Stein himself, and it turns out the egghead was recently contacted by a woman who claimed to be a contestant. ”A total stranger e-mailed me,” says Stein. ”I said I would do it, but then she said the producers [of Millionaire] wouldn’t let her.” ABC didn’t return calls regarding the alleged Stein ban, but the know-it-all host thinks he’s got it figured out. ”I think I’m beyond amateur status in this area of answering questions quickly on television,” says Stein, whose show launched a new season Nov. 29. ”I’m known to be sort of a ringer.”

IF WE RAN MIME Don’t get us wrong. We love the silent art. But if we were in charge of the multi-hundred-dollar mime business, we would make a few changes. So, in the latest installment of EW’s popular new feature (”If We Ran TV,” ”If We Ran Hollywood,” etc.), consider these:
5. What’s with the white faces all the time? Why not some blue or green?
4. Less rope-based humor.
3. Shields and Yarnell should change their name to Yarnell and Shields.
2. Pull teens in with a WB show called Boxed In.
1. Say something, for crying out loud!