The ''Man on the Moon'' star says skipping a concert cost her band airplay

By Liane Bonin
Updated December 10, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST
Credit: Nick Elgar/LFI

While Jim Carrey is busy wrestling Tony Clifton impersonators, his ”Man on the Moon” costar Courtney Love is trying to pin her hometown radio station to the mat. While promoting ”Moon,” Love asked that Andy Savage, morning radio jock for Seattle’s KNDD 107.7, be removed from the press room because she felt his station had refused to play her band Hole’s new single, ”Be a Man,” to punish her for canceling their appearance at Endfest, an annual megaconcert hosted by the station. ”They won’t play the song because I didn’t play a show because I was sick? This is politics,” Love says. ”They have payola on radio still.”

She feels it’s especially important that the single, which takes a swipe at the macho posturing of bands like Korn and Limp Bizkit, get airplay so that teens can hear a female-friendly point of view amidst the roar of testosterone. ”I can’t say anything about the denigration of females [if it isn’t played]” Love says. ”And [if it’s not played] it makes it looks like I’ve been benched on the sidelines and I’m jealous, which I’m not.”

Savage, who was eventually able to convince Love’s management to allow him back into the interview, says the song [from the ”Any Given Sunday” soundtrack] isn’t being played for a simpler reason. ”My boss [station manager Phil Manning] just doesn’t like it,” Savage tells EW Online. ”It’s a case of perceived politics, but it’s simply not the case.” Savage notes that other Hole singles have been added to the rotation since the Endfest cancellation last summer (which he says was attributed to Love taking a film role, not illness as she claims).

The station’s decision not to play ”Be a Man” seems to be in keeping with its listeners’ tastes. The day after getting grief from Love, Savage spun ”Be a Man” along with her accusations, and urged listeners to call in with their feedback. ”It was not good,” explains Savage, who says that about 98 percent of callers gave the single a big thumbs down. Still, the jock has plenty of warmth for Love: ”I thought she was very cool after we resolved this, and she did say to me afterwards, ‘I realize it’s not your fault, I just want to let you know how I think.’ ” Thanks, Courtney.

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