The mentalist sets a date for his own death

By Ann Limpert
Updated December 03, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

”Even now I know what you’re thinking.” The Amazing Kreskin’s latest catchphrase is bannered on his self-created website (—but it’s more unnerving to see it on his tombstone. Though the New Jersey-based mentalist, a frequent talk-show guest and Letterman fave, claims he’s in fine shape (”I’m 64 and I run an hour every night”), he has predicted his own demise right down to the date. He’s even letting fans in on his gloomy foreshadowing by having them track down 13 hidden clues on his site. Solve the riddle, nail down the date, and—well, that’s it. (You were expecting prizes?)

The clues range from ominous (”During the month in which I die there will be a fatal disaster in the sky”) to merely cryptic (”One of the key words surrounding my death will rhyme with sky and light”) and can be found by combing the site’s pages — when your cursor turns from an arrow to a hand, you’re onto something. Hold off on the wreaths for now, though: Kreskin swears he’s not going anywhere for a long time. Still, isn’t he a little creeped out? ”I’m not the type to sit around and think about it. I can barely sit still. My life is an adventure.” Bet he can’t guess what we’re thinking now.