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November 29, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

SCORE ONE ‘N Sync have won the first round in their court battle against former manager Louis J. Pearlman. On Wednesday Orlando judge Ann Conway denied Pearlman’s request for an injunction stopping the band from releasing an album through their new label, Jive, according to MTV News. This is only the first step in what could be a long battle, with Pearlman and BMG still moving ahead with a $150 million lawsuit against ‘N Sync and Jive. However, the two sides’ lawyers did meet after Wednesday’s hearing to discuss a possible settlement.

CASTING Keanu Reeves will likely star in a remake of the 1968 romantic tearjerker ”Sweet November,” in which he’ll play a rich playboy who falls in love with a fatally ill woman who is trying to sleep with a man a month until she croaks. Screw that whole making peace with yourself thing: A little monthly action is the REAL way to shed your mortal coil…. ”The Sixth Sense” tyke — Haley Joel Osment — will go from helping out dead people to working for live people in ”Pay It Forward.” He’ll star as a troubled kid who follows his teacher’s (Kevin Spacey) advice and begins doing good deeds for everyone in his town…. The freshly rehabbed Andy Dick may be returning to TV. He’s signed to develop a new sitcom for New Line Television with Ben Stiller’s production company, with one potential idea having him play a children’s TV host who is a monster off screen.

BOYCOTT Coca Cola has pulled its ads from all WWF programming after receiving complaints about the wrestling show’s content from the Parents Television Council, according to Reuters. In a statement to other advertisers, WWF chairman Vince McMahon called the decision ”discriminatory, hypocritical, and an affront to free speech,” and cited the fact that Coke still advertised on WCW matches. In future bouts, WWF wrestlers are likely to protest by using only Pepsi bottles for bashing each other over the heads.

GONE VIDEO Joel Schumacher‘s next project will be a lot shorter than ”Flawless”: He’ll direct the video for Bush‘s new single, ”Letting the Cables Sleep.” Rock clips are nothing new for Schumacher, who in the past has taken time out from happifying the ”Batman” franchise to make videos for Seal, Smashing Pumpkins, and INXS.

LAWSUIT The members of Blondie are suing their old label, EMI, for not paying appropriate royalties for the group’s back catalog, according to MTV News. ”The reality of what musical artists actually earn for their work is extremely disheartening,” Deborah Harry said in a statement. ”An artist’s creative work is repeatedly repackaged and marketed, and the artist rarely sees increased income.” The amount demanded in the suit was not released.

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