Elle, Cindy and their super friends hit the small screen

By Gillian Flynn
Updated November 19, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Supermodels. As TV’s most au courant guest stars, they swoop in, pretty the place up, and leave before they do too much damage. With Elle Macpherson beginning her stint as Joey’s roommate on Friends, we thought it time to look back at supermodel TV appearances of yesteryear. Herewith, our catty assessment (complete with celery-stick rating system) of the tube’s cameo-ing catwalkers. — Gillian Flynn

SuperModel Rebecca Romijn-Stamos

Role and Rating Just Shoot Me (NBC) The current host of House of Style clearly got sitcom pointers from her hubby, ex-Full House star John Stamos. As Dennis’ trophy bride, Romijn-Stamos is the go-to girl for the pose and simper. And those line readings! When she asks about her love’s geeky action figures (”Are these your dolls?”), you sense she really wants to know if they are, indeed, his dolls. [3 celery sticks]

[SUPERMODEL] Cindy Crawford

[Role and Rating] Sex With Cindy Crawford (ABC) She was host of MTV’s House of Style from 1989 to 1995, but do you really want the blandly nice Crawford interviewing ”average Americans” about their sexual habits and mores? Turns out, no, as the anorexic ratings of this 1998 special showed—Cindy’s Diane Sawyer impression landed the newsmag last in its time slot. [2 celery sticks]

[Supermodel] Angie Everhart

[Role and Rating] 3rd Rock From the Sun (NBC) Taking a very un-modelish approach to acting in last year’s post-Super Bowl extravaganza, Everhart always seemed just one split end away from kicking your butt. As an alien out to conquer Earth and give Sally a makeover, she was particularly adept at portraying shock at Sally’s combination skin. [4 1/2 celery sticks]

[Supermodel] Ivanka Trump

[Role and Rating] The 1997 Miss Teen USA Pageant (CBS) Okay, including neophyte clothes hanger Miss Trump in a supermodel roundup may be a bit of a stretch, but, well, her dad is really rich (and possibly running for President). And then there’s the fact that Trump’s pageant performance was rife with model behavior, like her controversial pronunciation of the s in Illinois. As in ”Miss Illinoiz.” Priceless. [1 celery stick]

[Supermodel] Christie Brinkley

[Role and Rating] Mad About You (NBC) She intrigued you in Billy Joel’s ”Uptown Girl” video. She dazzled you as the Girl in the Red Ferrari in National Lampoon’s Vacation. In 1994, Brinkley culled the best from those performances and packaged it in one stellar turn as Paul’s ”virtual fantasy.” Bottom line: The script called for her to be tall, blond, and have nice teeth—and she pulled it off beautifully. [3 celery sticks]