Break out that holiday gift list and fire up that browser: From Accessories to Videogames, EWI points you to over 130 great shopping sites

( About 30 seconds after logging on to this site, you get major information overload. In addition to the seemingly endless selection (you can choose conservative or abstract, animal prints or geometric, DKNY or Jerry Garcia), you also get a lesson in tying a tie, the history of the tie, and Knot News, featuring up-to-the-minute information on the neck accessory. Incredibly organized, the site’s only drawback is that it offers such certified eye-pokers as Psychedelic Beatles and DNA Closeup. We’ll forgive them. After all, it’s not like they’re selling those mid-’80s skinny leather ones. A

Ahah It’s Pashmina
( These deliciously soft and oh-so-chic shawls have wrapped models, actresses, and fashion magazine editors this season—Vogue magazine even gave its blessings to this website, brought to you by Iowa’s Royal Cashmere company. Now that the masses can purchase pashminas, no doubt fashionistas will move on to something else. But that shouldn’t dissuade you from accessorizing with a scarf, wrap, or dress in shades including ”antique gold,” ”celery,” and ”cooking chocolate.” If you can pronounce the name of the fabric, you’re already ahead of the game. A-

World of Watches
( Have you been curious lately about the definitions of bezel, chronograph, and escapement (no, that last one doesn’t mean getting out of Christmas Eve dinner)? This all-watches-all-the-time site offers all the lingo timekeepers could ever want. Oh yeah, and you can buy top brands like Tag Heuer, Movado, Ebel, and Rado, many of which are close to a third off. Of course, that means most of them are still well over $1,000. Watch out! B+
( Divided into subtopics of Stylish, Cool, and Sporty (uh, shouldn’t these adjectives all apply?), this long-established sunglasses site offers trendy brands like Ray-Ban for 40 percent off and Revo for 30 percent off (prices are guaranteed to be the lowest). If you’re not sure which shades to buy (clearly, you don’t live in Los Angeles), the site offers a Help Me Shop link that attempts to place buyers with the appropriate fashion statement. Oh yeah, and there’s also a health primer on UV radiation. Like anyone wears sunglasses for that. A- — Jessica Shaw

Best Of Breed
( Talk about fancy-schmancy. The Rolls Royce of accessory sites offers sunglasses, writing instruments, leather bags, and fragrances. Complete with company histories for such high-end brands as Montblanc, Cartier, Dooney & Burke, and Dolce & Gabbana, the site is definitely catering to the moneyed-trendoid market. Added superspecial bonus: If you drop $750 on leather goods here, you get a free Cartier pen-and-pencil set. As if anyone who was spending that much on a wallet needs one. A

Art and Posters

The Ansel Adams Gallery
( It doesn’t have every photo Adams ever snapped, but it has all the goodies—most for $30. Aspens and redwoods, mountain ranges and morning landscapes are in all their stark glory at this site, which is run by the Ansel Adams Gallery in Yosemite. Be sure to peruse the special-edition section, which sells the only photographs ($150 matted) still being printed from Adam’s original negatives. Buy several, and plant your own black-and-white forest. B+