By Gary Eng Walk
November 12, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Tony Hawk, the high-flying Michael Jordan of the halfpipe, can tell the difference between an Indy Nosebone and a Heelflip. Thankfully, all you need to know about these colorfully named stunts is that they look pretty—and that Pro Skater’s intuitive controls allow you to pull them off without a sweat. Compete as Hawk or as nine other real-life skateboarders in a New York shopping mall, San Francisco’s Chinatown, or eight other urban settings to the tunes of guitar thrashers like Suicidal Tendencies and Primus. Practice hard, and maybe you can pull off the Holy Grail of tricks: a don’t-miss-or-you’re-a-bloody-mess 900-degree move. Now, that’s extreme skateboarding. A-