By Rhonda Johnson
November 12, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

My Kitchen Wars


Food writer Fussell whips up a tartly funny history of post-World War II domesticity in this memoir of her marriage to cultural historian Paul Fussell. As a newlywed in 1949, she cooked such delicacies as tuna casserole with Lipton’s onion soup. When Paul’s academic star rose, she expanded her culinary repertoire, first by grilling steaks for drunken, horny faculty picnics, and later by seducing Princeton’s literary elite with gourmet dinners of mind-boggling complexity. Fussell concocts black comedy out of her generation’s fascination with French cuisine, fancy cookware, and high-minded adultery, until a shocking indiscretion on Paul’s part sours the marriage. The end to their turbulent union leaves a bitter aftertaste to an otherwise pungent tale. B+

My Kitchen Wars

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