By Bruce Fretts
November 12, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Here’s one puzzler the Law & Order team hasn’t cracked: What ever happened to its missing cast members? A squad-roomful of series regulars have vanished from the show in the past nine seasons. Have you seen these people?

MISSING PERSON Sgt. Max Greevey (George Dzundza) YEARS ON DUTY 1990-91 DISTINGUISHING FEATURES Cranky, chubby, wears a raincoat REASON FOR CHARACTER’S DEPARTURE Shot dead outside his house on the eve of his testimony in an extortion case ACTOR LAST SEEN Tending bar in Buffalo as Christina Applegate’s father on the sitcom Jesse — another NBC show Dzundza exited after only a single season

MISSING PERSON Det. Phil Cerreta (Paul Sorvino) YEARS ON DUTY 1991-92 DISTINGUISHING FEATURES Chummy, chubby, wears a Russian fur hat REASON FOR CHARACTER’S DEPARTURE Reassigned to desk duty after being shot and wounded by a weapons merchant ACTOR LAST SEEN Gunning down Warren Beatty’s senator as a power-mad insurance-industry lobbyist in Bulworth

MISSING PERSON Assistant District Attorney Paul Robinette (Richard Brooks) YEARS ON DUTY 1990-93 DISTINGUISHING FEATURES Soft-spoken, intense, sports a flattop REASON FOR CHARACTER’S DEPARTURE Leaves to become a defense lawyer (and reappears in 1996 as a guest star) ACTOR LAST SEEN Busting demon butt as an Afro-sporting undead badass on USA’s GvsE

MISSING PERSON Mike Logan (Chris Noth) YEARS ON DUTY 1990-95 DISTINGUISHING FEATURES Hotheaded, hunky, wears plaid ties under a brown leather jacket with an American-flag lapel pin REASON FOR CHARACTER’S DEPARTURE Coldcocks a city councilman and gets busted down to beat cop on Staten Island (where he reappears in the 1998 NBC movie Exiled) ACTOR LAST SEEN Breaking Sarah Jessica Parker’s heart as the commitment-shy ”Mr. Big” on HBO’s Emmy-nominated Sex and the City

MISSING PERSON ADA Jamie Ross (Carey Lowell) YEARS ON DUTY 1996-98 DISTINGUISHING FEATURES Well-dressed, long-necked single mom REASON FOR CHARACTER’S DEPARTURE Resigns to spend more time with her daughter during a bitter custody battle with her slimy lawyer ex (she’ll soon reprise her role in an L&O guest shot) ACTOR LAST SEEN Carrying real-life boyfriend Richard Gere’s soon-to-be-born baby

MISSING PERSON ADA Claire Kincaid (Jill Hennessy) YEARS ON DUTY 1993-96 DISTINGUISHING FEATURES Well-dressed, long-necked babe (who had an affair with Sam Waterston’s executive ADA Jack McCoy) REASON FOR CHARACTER’S DEPARTURE Killed in a car crash shortly after witnessing an execution ACTOR LAST SEEN Curing Elisabeth Shue of autism in the box office dud Molly

MISSING PERSON ADA Ben Stone (Michael Moriarty) YEARS ON DUTY 1990-94 DISTINGUISHING FEATURES Driven, ethically stringent, monkishly balding REASON FOR CHARACTER’S DEPARTURE Quits after the Russian Mob rubs out a witness he’d pressured to testify ACTOR LAST SEEN Standing up against animal abuse as the dad in the boy-and-his-dog flick Shiloh 2: Shiloh Season

MISSING PERSON Det. Reynaldo Curtis (Benjamin Bratt) YEARS ON DUTY 1995-99 DISTINGUISHING FEATURES High-cheekboned, hunky, devoted huband and father REASON FOR CHARACTER’S DEPARTURE Resigns to spend more time with his MS-stricken wife ACTOR LAST SEEN Escorting girlfriend Julia Roberts (who received a 1999 best-guest-star Emmy nomination for her L&O turn as a seductive suspect whom he interrogates) to awards shows and movie premieres

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