By EW Staff
November 12, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Readers ranted and raved about our Heather Locklear cover (#508, Oct. 22). ”What a babe!” exclaimed Dave Helmuth of Tampa. ”She has style, charisma, and, oh yeah, she’s hot.” Frank Thorne of Chicago nearly fainted but recovered to opine if he were editor, ”whoever decided to put this gal on the cover would get an immediate raise.” But Chris Johnson of Visalia, Calif., thought Locklear was touched up a bit much, resembling ”Rocky Dennis from Mask.” Ouch. From one knockout to another, fans were up in arms over our Fight Club review. Steve Leonard of La Mesa, Calif., spoke for all: ”I normally love Lisa Schwarzbaum, but she missed the boat on Fight Club. Or maybe she missed it entirely. Club speaks volumes about the world we live in.”


Heather Locklear should be in every sitcom, every drama (”If We Ran TV”). How about Friends & Heather, Heather Heaven, The Heather Wing, and Law & Order: Special Heather Unit? Even Spin City could be called Heather City. Think about it, guys. HUMBERTO BUTCHER Orlando, Fla.

If you ran tv, we still wouldn’t be watching. Here’s the key to network success: (1) No reruns during the regular season; (2) no ”specials” or other such nonsense that interrupts the regular season; (3) no rescheduling during the regular season. Any network that follows these three simple steps can be guaranteed millions of us former TV zombies will flock back to our recliners. PHIL OLBRECHTS Seattle

Your ”advice” to David Duchovny about his career made reference to his ”fetching but irksome costar.” Would that be the same ”fetching but irksome costar” who’s won an Emmy, while Duchovny couldn’t even get nominated this year? MILDRED ELLISON East Palo Alto, Calif.

Please tell Marc Bernardin to keep his dirty fantasies about sexcapades and the Voyager crew to himself. Is it possible that we might have one show that doesn’t bombard us with illicit sex? A love story would be okay, but please don’t even suggest putting the voyeur in Voyager — that’s not what we mean by ”engage.” CATHERINE EDWARDS Norfolk, Va.


The Backstreet Boys sure seem threatened by ‘N Sync. As well they should be. ‘N Sync formed themselves as a vocal harmony group — those guys can sing. They also dance better and are better entertainers. I only hope this whole mess doesn’t delay their music. If ‘N Sync care about their fans as much as they claim, they’d realize that’s all that matters. CARI-ALICE PARSONS Long Beach, Calif.


There was a misprint in my issue. Fight Club (”Dead Battery”) got a D, and The Story of Us (”Vow and Then”) got an A-. Maybe the pages got mixed up at the printer. Just thought you should know. IAN BOOTHBY Vancouver

It’s commendable that you had Owen Gleiberman review the ”chick flick” (The Story of Us) and Lisa Schwarzbaum critique the ”guy movie,” but she really must have been a bit punchy herself when she saw Fight Club. Rather than ”hollow,” ”dumb,” and ”idiotic,” I found it to be a provocative indictment of the ingredients that go into the terrorist cult mentality. David Fincher is the most exciting filmmaker working today; his storytelling style compels and exhilarates. RUSS LINDWAY Seven Hills, Ohio

Lisa Schwarzbaum needs to get out more. Fight Club is a miraculous and innovative film for the very reasons that she wrinkles her nose at it. The film is a broader inquiry into the choices we make, the standards we live by, and the things we are capable of. An investigative journey is what you make of it. I think director Fincher would agree, and Fight is his brilliant testimony. emily pender Cambridge, Mass.


It’s strange none of the Harry Potter books are on your fiction best-seller list when they are Nos. 1, 2, and 3 on the New York Times fiction list. Everyone I know who has read the books, regardless of age, has found them to be spellbinding. Can you say that about any books you’ve highlighted lately? CAILIN HEINZ Towson, Md.

Editor’s Note: EW’s list tracks that of Publishers Weekly, which charts children’s books separately. We will run that list in a future issue.



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