EW reports that the original creators might not be involved

By Jeff Jensen
November 12, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

On Halloween, ”Blair Witch Project” cocreator Eduardo Sanchez teased fans via e-mail with the possibility of a sequel. What he failed to mention was that he and Daniel Myrick may not be writing and directing it. Artisan Entertainment, which owns the franchise, is angling for a fall 2000 release but has yet to decide who’ll be on board. Recent meetings between the studio and the filmmakers have proved inconclusive. ”The ball is in their court. They control whether we get involved or not,” says Sanchez. ”Our biggest issue is to make a good film. We also want to make a film that doesn’t betray the fans.”

Sanchez praises Artisan (which declines to comment) for playing straight with them, although he admits to feeling ”disillusioned” by Hollywood. ”We used to wonder why indie filmmakers who make it big sell out,” he says. ”Now we know. There’s lots of compromises to make in order to do the films you really want to do.” That may mean submitting to Artisan, which has first dibs on the film Sanchez and Myrick really want to do next: a comedy called ”Heart of Love.”

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