Then he had to lose 50 pounds to play ''The Castaway''

Tom Hanks
Credit: Stephen Trupp/STAR MAX, Inc..
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Tom Hanks says he’s okay with seeing his plumper-than-usual mug on the giant billboards for ”The Green Mile. ” The weight gain was all part of the plan for Castle Rock’s big-screen adaptation of Stephen King’s popular six-part novella, which opens Dec.10. Hanks, who plays 1930s prison guard Paul Edgecomb, says, “The guards didn’t exactly have their own personal trainers in those days. They spent their days in a very confined space. They also didn’t eat particularly well. This was the Depression when guys like this were just happy to have any job.”

Ironically, Hanks’ next job is forcing him to lose weight. He’s currently on hiatus from the Robert (”Forrest Gump”) Zemeckis-directed ”The Castaway,” which stars Hanks as a man stranded on a desert island. The second half of shooting calls for Hanks to lose at least 50 pounds. “It’s going okay,” he says about shedding the pounds. “I just can’t eat as much.” Now there’s a revolutionary diet.

Cast Away

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