This week in Hollywood: Sept. 5, 1999

By Steve Daly
Updated November 05, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

HORROR HIATUS As director-cowriter Keenen Ivory Wayans worked toward a start date this summer for Scream if You Know What I Did Last Halloween, he faced a killer deadline: Get the film in theaters by Oct. 15, in time for the holiday it sends up. Since shooting didn’t start until August and he just wrapped the parody (whose new title, Scary Movie, originally belonged to Scream), Miramax’s Dimension Films is now ”looking at a spring release,” says a studio rep. Scary coincidence: Dimension’s Scream 3 was recently bumped from a tentatively set mid-December bow — probably to February — also due to production delays.

HOLLOW FOLLOW-UP Trailers for Tim Burton’s Sleepy Hollow, opening Nov. 19 and starring Johnny Depp and Christina Ricci, were already in theaters two months ago when the filmmakers decided they needed additional shots for the headless-horseman picture (which officially wrapped in May), evidently to tidy up a few supporting story arcs in the character-packed tale. Unfortunately, they found themselves one noggin short. When the movie’s original director of photography, Emmanuel Lubezki (Meet Joe Black), couldn’t do the job because his wife — who happens to be Sleepy Hollow‘s unit publicist — was having a baby, Conrad L. Hall, the Oscar-winning DP who shot American Beauty, was brought in. Turns out it was a returned favor: According to a studio source, Lubezki did reshoots on A Civil Action, which Hall photographed. As for Sleepy Hollow, Hall says, ”I’m not really sure why they thought they needed more footage. The picture looked terrific as it was, just beautiful.”

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