By Brian M. Raftery
Updated November 05, 1999 at 05:00 AM EST

Revisionist movie buffs, take note: If the Old Gray Lady had its way, Psycho would be forever remembered as a B-movie curiosity, while Star Trek II would rank as a far better follow-up than, say, The Godfather, Part II. Such judgments — handed down primarily from chief Times critics Bosley Crowther, Vincent Canby, and Janet Maslin — make up only a small part of this 1,002-page, far-reaching archive, an essential reference for anyone interested in film. Canby’s incisive commentary, coupled with his knack for spotting new talent, forms a near-definitive appraisal of ’70s American cinema, and the soon-to-resign Maslin finds time to heap praise on little-seen oddities like the bugged-out documentary Microcosmos. Still, one can’t help but wonder: 1,000 entries, and no room for Jaws? Pretty fishy. A-