By Gillian Flynn
Updated October 29, 1999 at 04:00 AM EDT

For her big reporting break, copy editor Barrymore goes undercover as a high school student. The quondam nerd infiltrates the cool clique — a group of kids so cruel they probably make to-do lists of whom to bash. It’s broad, eyes-crossed comedy, and about as flat as Barrymore in one of her many pratfalls. Of course, everyone learns a lesson in the end. And so do we: Drew’s cuteness can get a movie only so far. Reel Goodies (0:01) Barrymore appears as dowdy Josie Geller — a look bound to thrill anyone who harbors fantasies of her as a prison matron. The Last Detail Director Raja Gosnell’s not-so-subtle hand will be at work on Martin Lawrence’s upcoming Big Momma’s House. C